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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hot Wheels to release Mars Curiosity Rover Collectible!

08.05.2012 – There’s a lot of talk about the Mars Rover in Curiosity and while the world waits its lunar landing on the Red Planet Mattel has announced to release its own merchandise related collectible sometime in September.

In the span of 13 years Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA has sent three generations of rovers with this one its five times heavier that is approximately as big as a small car.

The tension filled part of this journey of course is the landing that will commence in the next 24 hours. Mattel will release a 1:64 scale die cast buggy version of the much talked about six-wheeled rover minus its nuclear power which is the life source of the real Curiosity.

The Hot Wheels 2012 New Models line will feature drill, cameras and laser that will replicate the actual appearance of the Mars Rover. But this image might not give you a sense of optimism wanting to acquire one since it’s not exactly what you expect.

But who knows they might make changes prior to the release of the die cast collectible priced at $1.09.00 US in September.

Hot Wheels is manufactured by Mattel and its distributed locally in the Philippines by Richwell Trading and to follow Mars Curiosity’s expedition you can get online updates on Twitter: @MarsCuriosity

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