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Thursday, August 16, 2012

What If: Joe Carnahan's Daredevil Vision!

08.16.2012 – The news about Daredevil’s rights reverting back to Marvel Studios from 20th Century Fox happens in October and as Joe Carnahan the supposed director of the reboot film has spoken.

He took it out on twitter saying that there was not enough time to get things done.

The story behind it is that Marvel Studios wants to extend the rights beyond the deadline date in exchange to use Galactus and Silver Surfer from the Fantastic Four.

Unfortunately 20th Century Fox have something in mind for the reason they chose to let it go.

Its business as usual but for all the pressure that’s been going on behind the scene it could have worked out. There’s a lot of “What Ifs” when Joe took upon himself to share his vision of what a Daredevil movie should be. Its grit and the smell of Hell’s Kitchen right there in New York with that 1970s vibe to mix it out with the influence from the 1980s too.

If you look at the Frank Miller run it had something of a vibe right there when Joe Carnahan had posted two versions of what could have been the Daredevil film on his twitter.

The essence of what we should be seeing could have happen but as what the twitter transcript shows that its way out of his control to make it happen and based on this videos (see below) it has some kick to say this is THE DD movie we should be watching.

But just like the axe has fallen so is the concept that planned but who knows some might get things done and let’s hope Marvel taps Joe Carnahan in the future with his ideas for this film.

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