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Monday, October 22, 2012

Comic Odyssey Robinsons Place moves to Kiosk!

10.22.2012 – Comic Odyssey’s original flagship store at the Robinsons Place Manila in Ermita had a weekend moving out sale that started last Friday of October 19, 2012 and all items are on a 50% off.

As you all know this particular branch has a history which began its life in 1997 at the old location where Fitness First is currently residing.

This store relocated to the current location back in 2005 which is now about to be relocated to a smaller kiosk.

Prior to Robinsons Place opening its Midtown wing the store had a lot of walk-in customers but due to mall visitors diverting to the new section there was a steady decline of visitors.

It was a difficult decision to downgrade the store into a kiosk to accommodate regular customers who always pick up their regular pull list. It is indeed an end of an era for Comic Odyssey’s original store that had the yellow and red colors with that all so familiar logo that has nothing to do with the blue and red motif that was its original design that was used in their former US branches.

2005: Comic Odyssey THEN.

2012: Comic Odyssey NOW.

This is where Comic Odyssey last celebrated its company’s anniversary sometime in 2007 which was attended by those who supported the store from the day it opened in the old location. Even though it has bad lighting and non-working air conditioning or the walls have faded it is where the store began to be known for its dedication what a comic shop is supposed to be.

2007: Celebrating the company's 10th Anniversary on October 27th.

If you missed the moving out sale check out some of the images of the store you’ll be missing that stood there for the last seven years of its existence…

The store is not closing up but this is where Comic Odyssey began as THE comic shop and has been there since 1997 at Robinsons Place Manila in Ermita. If you started buying your comics in this particular branch then consider yourself part of the store’s history also their first customers.

We thank Comic Odyssey’s Robinsons Place Manila branch for getting our comics, toys, and graphic novels for the past 15 years. It has become a hub or even a private sanctuary for anyone who just wants to distress from work.

It’s where you hang out and dig up a pile of those back issues and play Magic: The Gathering cards or meet-up with friends from school. Those little things that this store offered to regular customers will be part of the store’s history too. They will still be there to keep the services for those who live or work nearby for the convenience for you not travel farther.

The new location of the kiosk is nearby the old store that they have vacated but for more updates on shipping schedules, event announcements, and promos LIKE to be a fan on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @ComicOdyssey

Visit the website at:

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