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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Happy Meal 2016 | Next Toys for Australia & US Release!

05.26.2016 – Happy Meal toys has become a sought after collectible that spawned communities around the world. In the Philippines its one of the biggest interest that is second only to the popularity of Funko Pop figurines.

But the Happy Meal is unlike the above mentioned as it’s an inexpensive hobby that has been around since its introduction in the late 1970s. They are a unique collectible as some releases are different from other countries. Australia and the US have already set what their next Happy Meal toys you only need to look further…

The current Happy Meal toys right now is the Angry Birds which was subsequently released all over the world based on the movie tie-up screen release. It’s rare that McDonald’s would release a movie tie-up globally since “The Angry Birds Movie” is an original 3D animated feature film and the first in the trilogy.

This is why almost all of the McDonald’s in the World have released “The Angry Birds Movie” tie-up with exception with a few countries like Japan not following the global release. But after the global release most of the McDonald’s stores doesn’t have a teaser what comes next save for some countries like Australia and North America (US/Canada) that have teased their next toys.

Shopkins (TOP) and Skylnaders Superchangers are the next Happy Meal toys in Australia.

Australia Goes Shopkins

The country down under may be close to Asia, but not necessarily would have the same toys released with that particular region. Just like North America they have their own unique line up of Happy Meal toys release, which sometimes the same as Southeast Asia that is still completely different.

But this depends on the movie tie-up but after the Angry Birds they already set what’s next with their Shopkins and Skylanders Happy Meal toys. Shopkins is a popular collectible property that also spawned a community of collectors and this will be no exception to those who have almost completed every character. This was released in North America last December 2015 and definitely will be a sold out.

Powerpuff Girls based from the 2016 animated series will be released in North America.

North America for Powerpuff Girls

With a new reboot of the popular animated show on Cartoon Network comes more merchandise based on the girls and their long time nemesis Mojo Jojo is coming out of the woodwork. But the newly designed characters will be a ‘must want’ not only to the kids but to adult collectors who have seen the rise of the Powerpuff Girls.

It won’t be different if this was released in Asia as the Powerpuff Girls has become a global pop culture icon. The new series boost interest to the fans who have grown watching the 1990s classic and the current reboot will definitely pick up the popular figurines when it gets released along with the Skylanders in June 2016.

Skylanders Superchargers will be released in Australia & North America without variation.

Skylanders Supercharged in Australia & North America

Both regions will have Skylanders Superchargers which will accompany the Shopkins (Australia) and Powerpuff Girls (North America) with the same set of characters that will be released at the same time the girls’ toys that were mentioned.

These popular characters based on the videogame have been released before with a different type of toys. There are no different to the Australia and North America released as you notice the image referenced. But for the Philippines and other parts of Southeast Asia it will definitely be a surprise what’s next.

But definitely this is going to be the toys most sought after once it makes it to the Asian region for now just take a deep breathe and wait for further announcements.

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