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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Castle Geek Philippine Launch: All-New X-Men #1!

111.08.2012 – Castle Geek has announced their special launch for the All-New X-Men #1 to kick start the Marvel Now and this is not your usual comic book release.

There will be surprises and raffle to promote the event that possible will be graced by the Philippine X-Men Cosplay Team!

It’s been more than two months Castle Geek opened its doors to the public and this is their first event to promote the release of the All-New X-Men #1 in the Philippines.

If you haven’t dropped by and visited the store located at the Collective in Malugay St. see the event and grab a copy of the first issue!

The latest Marvel Now comic book in the All-New X-Men features the original members from 1963 transported in the present time. This premise takes place after Cyclops escapes after the war with the Avenger along with him is Emma Frost and Magneto who began a crusade against mutant 'prosecution', freeing mutants who are being held prisoner after their powers have manifested, violently striking out at the humans responsible at the same time.

As the other X-Men bemoan their inability to strike back at Cyclops's actions without triggering a mutant civil war, a frustrated comment by Iceman about how the past Cyclops wouldn't tolerate his present self's actions inspires Beast to take action; he travels back in time to the early days of the Xavier Institute shortly after Professor X has taken a leave of absence and Hank's younger self was about to temporarily leave the X-Men for the first time -- to recruit their assistance, informing them that Scott must come to the future to stop himself committing mutant genocide.

The Philippine launch by Castle Geek will release not only the standard cover but also the variant editions and will raffle some sketches done by local artists as well as other surprises so come visit the event on November 17, 2012.

Castle Geek is located at The Collective along Malugay St. in Makati city and for more details of the event LIKE be a fan on Facebook!

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