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Friday, November 2, 2012

Komikon 2012: Komikasi with LIKE Man!

11.02.2012 – Komikon 2012 bought the best talents with growing exhibitors every there also have been certain variety of interest. The ideas have been crossing boundaries beyond creator owned komiks it translates to other interesting hobbies.

Take the booth of Komikasi and LIKE Man who released the Flirt Cards which also brought the Komikon Exclusive Travel Edition which was only available for this particular event. They also are promoting some of their computer games that you might find it interesting.

For LIKE Man this is its first comics release created by Rasel Reyes and this might be interesting how it was inspired by Facebook that you definitely going to LIKE literally. Komikasi Enterprise has been thriving to bring Filipino original games and the Flirt Card is one of them.

They also have Tale Craft geared to enhance your creative writing ideas in developing stories and characters through this tarot-style cards.

The two interesting games online that they are also promoting are Deperados: Dead or Alive and Starstruck which can be downloaded online through the App Store. But the main interest that was Komikasi Enterprise was gearing up for is the Flirt Cards.

The standard format will be available soon but with the exclusive travel edition you can only find it at Komikon 2012 which will be released in limited quantities.

LIKE Man is on Facebook for more of the upcoming release LIKE the Fan Page!

The Flirt card game is a party/casual card game for everyone and it will be seen first at Komikon 2012. This produced by Komikasi Enterprise and for more details of the card game LIKE to BE A FAN on Facebook!

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