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Friday, October 26, 2012

Komikon 2012: Komikasi to launch The Flirt Card Game!

10.26.2012 – For the past years of Komikon the event is purely related to comics and art works that have been launched exclusively. Rarely do we see something unrelated to convention even foreigners from all over the world would highly visit to see its launches.

Komikon is a work in progress and it’s currently running in its 8th year which ever evolving welcoming new ideas with refreshing concepts. Such as one notable launch that will be unveiled during the event.

It is produced by Komikasi Enterprise well known for Filipino inspired app games.

For Komikon 2012 they are geared to launch “The Flirt” Card Game which is very much an original Filipino made concept incorporating an interesting game such as this.

Komkasi will have a special debut of this card game that the pocket size edition will have a limited run. If you’re looking for something non-comics related but to have some fun with your friends during downtime at work or just at home this card game might be for you.

Martin Jimenez one of the developers from Komikasi explained “It's a party/casual card game where the objective of the game is to capture 3 of the same hearts by using courtship/flirting cards in the game.”

Interesting enough Valentine’s Day is still in four months and Komikasi is bringing you a card game that’s fun, interactive with something to get your friends involve when you hangout. If you’re going to be at Komikon this Saturday drop by their booth they will have a live card game demo.

The special launch of Flirt will be something to look forward to if you can’t afford the well-established card games out there.

The limited edition run of the pocket/travel-size version will be a Komikon 2012 exclusive and it won’t be sold after the event. The one that will be sold is the standard edition a bigger card version of the one that will be sold at Komikon.

The Flirt card game is a party/casual card game for everyone and it will be seen first at Komikon 2012. This produced by Komikasi Enterprise and for more details of the card game LIKE to BE A FAN on Facebook!

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