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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pinoykon Festive Pop Culture Event!

03.03.2013 – Pinoykon is the latest pop culture event to be held in Metro Manila this year. Another brewing event that showcases the local talents in the country which also featured what do you see in a convention.

What makes Pinoykon stands out in its first event is putting value in the local comic book community which has already been striving.

The other parts are the local gaming, toy, and hobbyist community which also gets a spotlight.

The event was supported by the local groups that made the event possible. It was held at the parking lot of Paseo de Magallanes on a hot sunny afternoon. Though for some who would be unfamiliar in this place you’ll get to know really have made the effort to travel and see their friends and the talents in the industry.

Pinoykon has many booths set up under the makeshift tent and you won’t you miss it based from the map that was given. The program is simple but informative introducing each guest talent from the comic book industry at the same time in every hour there’s an auction by the sponsors.

Neutral Grounds were ever present which has set up gaming tables near the stage. Comic x Hub provided your choice comic books from their wide variety of bins and current issues that has recently been released. Great Toys Online was the toy seller who was present bringing imported collectibles not available in the retail market. Of course the organizers and the rest of the comic book community were selling their local titles which you would hardly see in the bookstores.

Some interesting booths can also be seen in this year’s Pinoykon and once of the, is Go! Geek from Nelz Yumul’s Art works who produces interesting collectibles from limited art prints, refrigerator magnets and the DIY pins can be customized by you.

Besides the collectible toys there is also a group of passionate artists that thrive in promoting toy customization.

They are the Juan Dela Customizers which has been around for almost two years and they have a Facebook Group Page that you can join and see their creations. They provide toy custom services for an affordable price. They have been consistently present in pop culture events that promote their passion through this kind of hobby and you can be part of the group too.

Overall the one-day Pinoykon event was festive which featured most of the local talents in the industry. This is its first event and you might be burning from the heat but moving forward this event will get better.

The venue though unfamiliar is quite that new for those who never travel farther beyond Magallanes but it sure was a great event seeing familiar faces and showcasing the local talents and let’s hope for another Pinoykon in 2014!

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