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Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Meal May 2013: VooV McDo Truck & Sports Car!

05.17.2013 – McDonald’s Happy Meal latest offering in the Philippines in selected parts of Asia is Hello Kitty and Bandai’s VooV. Everyone already knows the famous kitty but not VooV a collection of vehicles that turns into another vehicle.

VooV as Bandai’s “transformation” concept of cars, trucks and other kinds of vehicles which has been around since 2010.

It’s just that nobody took notice of the product that it was sold for clearance in the Philippines.

They come in four vehicles for you to choose from and we have the ones you might find it interesting. But it won’t appeal that much once you acquire one as you all know these are meal toys and they don’t really look good compared to their actual products that are being sold in retail stores.

The ones being sold doesn't need to apply stickers… They actually come with LOTS of stickers for you to apply which adds the “fun’ part for the younger ones but it doesn't come as a surprise for the adult collector.

The quality of the stickers doesn’t look like it would last long as you need to carefully apply them unlike what happened to the Police car’s side window stickers.

But regardless the toy’s quality is different versus the recent ones the rival fast food company doesn’t have an answer for in the past years as they continue to decline in that particular category.

The most sought after VooV vehicle would probably be the McDonald’s truck that transforms in toe a rolling McDonald’s store. Like the other three vehicles that came out along with this would need heavy sticker applications on both modes. Being a McDonald’s exclusive this one definitely be in your priority list.

It’s an exclusive with a light-up gimmick and who wants something that has that kind of concept for a vehicle that turns into a McDonald’s store… A rolling fast food joint is unheard of but it can be real.

The other vehicle is the sports car that turns into a Police Car. There was an actual Bandai product that was colored red and it was actually an exact vehicle.

The sports car is the Mazda RX-8 which was unnamed for the Happy Meal release due to that they don’t have the licensing rights to use the name so they just generalized that it’s a random “sports car.”

The other vehicles are an ordinary VooV truck that turns into a Fire Engine while the other is a Cargo truck that turns into a Wheel Loader. But the best among the trucks would be the McDonald’s truck which is available now until supply last.

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