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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Happy Meal Spotlight | The Secret Life of Pets

08.20.2016 – “The Secret Life of Pets” is the latest Happy Meal toys for this month in promoting the 3D animated feature film. This is also from the same producers who brought you Despicable ME and the Minions.

In selected parts of Asia the pets are figurines that feature gimmicks from wind ups, push button, and sound bites. It’s definitely going to be another Happy Meal filled with new characters. McDonald’s is celebrating the fun. If you haven’t seen these toys find out who’s your favorite character as they released eight for you to collect.

Furry friends from The Secret Life of Pets movie have taken their adventure to McDonald’s! Discover their secret tricks with the McDonald’s Secret Life of Pets Happy Meal, available in all stores nationwide starting August 20, 2016.

In the Secret Life of Pets movie, Max’s life is turned upside down when his owner brings home a stray dog named Duke. Both dogs go on an adventure in the streets of New York and find themselves in different kinds of crazy antics. The movie will show in cinemas starting August 24.

Collect all eight Secret Life of Pets Happy Meal toys, each featuring a playful pet from the movie:

Max - A Terrier with a strong emotional attachment to his owner, Katie. The featured gimmick lets you wind him up to see him flip over.

Duke - An adopted mutt who becomes Max’ new brother has the collest sound bite gimmick and all you need to do is press his collar and see his leg move while you hear him laugh and howl.

Gidget - A bubbly Pomeranian with a crush on her dog neighbor, Max has a wind up gimmick for her to move her head bob up and down.

Sweet Pea - A parakeet that enjoys flying and being outdoors has simple gimmick when you press him down on a surface to lift his wings.

Buddy - A long black Dachshund who likes getting a massage from a kitchen mixer can stretch when you pull his body.

Snowball - An abandoned rabbit who becomes the leader of ‘The Flushed Pets,’ was voiced by Kevin Hart has a feature that when you press his bunny tail to change his eyes from cute to cunning.

Chloe - A blue tabby cat that loves food and cat treats has a sound bite when you press the button on her back to hear her purr.

Croc - A member of ‘The Flushed Pets’ features a small tire underneath when you push him along a surface for his mouth to snap open and closed.

Bring home your favorite Secret Life of Pets movie character with every Happy Meal! Customers can choose from the Chicken McDo, 4pc Chicken McNuggets, Burger McDo, McSpaghetti, and Cheesy Eggdesal during breakfast hours, with Orange Drink and Fries or Corn.

Share your family’s bonding moments with the Secret Life of Pets the latest Happy Meal toys this month. For more about the next Happy Meal LIKE McDo PH on Facebook or by tagging @McDo_PH on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #McDoHappyMeal.

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