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Friday, June 14, 2013

DC Unlimited: New 52 Superman!

06.14.2013 – The DC Universe Classic was the answer to Marvel’s popular toy line in Marvel Legends which is still coming out with new figures by Hasbro. The DCUC line was discontinued after Wave 20 which was available on retail.

The succeeding line was next known as DC All-Stars but it became unpopular with the fans that Mattel abandoned. It was re-branded as two series of figures in Batman Unlimited and DC Unlimited which by far is confusing for someone who is starting up with the collection.

Mattel should have considered the line as simply DC Unlimited but there’s new to offer in the series as some of them are from the former All-Stars series that failed to catch the market’s attention.

The first wave of DC Unlimited figures feature New 52 versions of the Flash, Savage Hawkman and Superman. The packaging is not collector friendly versus the previous DCUC series which Mattel should have continued releasing under that name. Superman’s new New 52 is basically a repaint of the previous release and the quality is not what you expect once you removed the figure from its packaging.

The new sculpt head design that differs from the previous Superman figure that everyone has become familiar with. This of course modernizes the Man of Steel minus the red underwear that has become iconic for the past 75 years.

There’s something odd about the New 52 Superman that doesn’t look like very much the Kryptonian we know from a first glance he’s more alien now with that suit. This was inspired by the production team who helmed the Man of Steel film that’s hitting in US theaters this weekend. Probably it’s the idea that made it look different from how everyone has become accustomed with the costume from before.

The quality is not as what you expected as mentioned with some paint overlapping or the last person who had been assigned was not focus on painting the figure properly that some blue blots has stained the “S” shield.

Mattel goes back to the beginning with their latest line that they could have continued doing. But they prefer to “re-boot” this altogether just like DC Comics did with their universe. The toy line is different and the release is inconsistent. The body construction still uses the same ones that were released under the DCUC. This time with new mold of Superman’s body based from the New 52 comic books.

The articulation is still superb save that to the head which doesn’t look up and no other accessory came out with this figure. The cape molding looks no pleasant with the cheap “S” painted or was it applied on the back? They could have added extra hands or something that would be worth packaged with this figure.

Sadly this costs more than it was before and with Mattel not taking advantage of its previous toy line in favor in releasing a new one will be a challenge to catch up with Marvel not only kicking them in the big screen but also in the toy department.

Overall the New 52 Superman is a great figure with the vibrant colors and the embossed “S” makes this Kryptonian a welcome addition to your collection. It might not probably replaced the Superman everyone has gotten to know for the past 75 years but it’s a start for something different and very much alien than in his spandex.

DC Unlimited New 52 Superman is one of the three figures released in the first wave by Mattel and has not yet showed up on Philippine retail. This was acquired at Comic Odyssey for PhP 1,400.00 pesos which rarely being sold individually.

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