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Friday, July 19, 2013

SDCC 2013: SMU Toys + Red Dot Diva Reports!

07.19.2013 – Correspondents Red Dot Diva and SMU Toys was all over Comic Con International. Just like last year the Singapore based Diva and the local SoCal legend takes their respective coverage on the scene.

Red Dot Diva was excited about the X-Files reunion long rumored a few days before SDCC opened its doors, while SMU Toy’s Mach Diesel shares his adventure on the sought after collectibles for this year. Definitely it’s going to be another weekend for the team bringing you the biggest event of popular arts in San Diego.

SMU Toys has fewer photos as most of the coverage will be seen on video on his YouTube channel. But there are of course teaser images on what to anticipate over the weekend with exclusives from Hasbro Inc. which has the most sought after line up that you may or may not see in secondary market.

But then again here are some teaser photos for you to indulge from the legendary Mach Diesel of SMU Toys…

While Mach is going through the trenches and standing in line for the exclusives the Red Dot Diva is back in San Diego to bring you news about the X- Files Reunion to highlight Friday’s festivities meet Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny was pure bliss from the bicep lovin’ diva from the Red Dot Island.

If you lost track on her Twitter updates here are some of the coverage compiled during preview night until Friday’s major moment…

Mach Diesel reviews and does toy run through SMU Toys YouTube Channel and for more of his wild antics LIKE the SMU Toys Facebook Page.

Follow @Syzzlyn on Twitter and LIKE Red Dot Diva on Facebook and visit the blog at

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