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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Be The Wolverine Kinect Experience!

Cosplayers cosplaying The Wolverine and The Silver Samurai during the event. I don't really want to give away anything during the movie....but... this one's a pretty good give away.

So it's only 7 days before The Wolverine shows in Cinemas (July 25). If you have been following the blog you would notice that I already have a couple of posts featuring the upcoming stand alone sequel. So I won't be blogging about the movie itself but this fun event that Paul and I got invited to attend. 

This was actually my first assignment as a GeekMatic contributor so I was doubly excited. :) 

In Keeping with the theme of the event, the cocktails that were served had 'sake' since 'The Wolverine' is set in Japan. Paul just loved that! 

So this was the 'Be the Wolverine Kinect Experience' where guests were encouraged to play The Wolverine game on X-Box :) and was held in Robinson's Cinema World.

It was a really fun game since you would really get 'The Wolverine' experience since you are on board a moving bullet train and slashing through signs and bad guys. Guests were challenged in a good old - highest score wins match! 

Both the gents and the ladies stepped up to give it a go - oh did I mention that limited edition 'The Wolverine' items were up for grabs as well as movie posters for those who got the five highest scores? :P That just made the deal even sweeter for the eager guests who took turns getting that Wolverine experience. 

For those of you who want to get that Wolverine experience also - fret not since the game will be available in a number of Robinson's Cinemas (Robinson's Movieworld) Check out the Schedule and details below! 

The Wolverine Kinect Experience
July 19-21 - Metro East
July 22-24 - Forum
July 25-27 Galleria
July 28-30 Magnolia
July 31- Aug. 2- Manila 

Not only will participants have fun being Wolverine but they also get a chance to win an Xbox 360 Kinect! So make sure you head on to get your hands in those claws (so to speak :P ) 

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