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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sights & Highlights: PHLUG + Philippine Bricksters Meet Up!

07.20.2013 – The LEGO® enthusiasts who are also into other brands related to constructions toys has been around since 2007.

The small community known as Philippine Bricksters was born on the now defunct Multiply Group page.

Originally the group would benefit interest in all brands of constructions toys led by LEGO® that started it all. When closed this year all members you were part of the growing community moved to the FB group.

That group began an evolution of change that would benefit in the growing community not only into LEGO® but other brands like Mega Bloks, Kre-O and its original parent in Oxford. Now Philippine Bricksters not only is the premiere community of for brands of construction toys but also the growing marketplace for affordable LEGO® products.

PHLUG (Philippine LEGO® Users Group) a community purely promoting the LEGO® brand organized a special meet-up not only for the group but also to the sellers and enthusiasts members of PBM (Philippine Bricksters Marketplace).

If you grew up with LEGO® then this community is the one you should be part of as the only place that you’ll get the sets for more affordable price. Since the local distributor doesn’t have “Pick-A-Brick” store the community members and sellers of PBM provides that option that can only be found in Singapore.

Parents, builders and kids were present at the annual meet up which more like a Saturday Marketplace for LEGO® and other enthusiasts of other brands. It was held at McDonald’s Forbes Town in the Bonifacio Global City.

The community meet up has spilled out of the private room that supposed to accommodate less than 100 people but due to that the other room was reserved for another party the volume of people who came and dropped by to hang out at the second level of the McDonald’s store which has taken over mostly the entire section.

The communities is growing and expect to get bigger each month as difficulty to held a meet up is not going to be that easy unless a bigger venue would be provided.

These meet-ups will be organized alternately by Philippine Bricksters and PHLUG each month which is something to look forward to for those who re-started interest in construction toys. From the small handful group of people who was into LEGO® and other construction brands this has become a fast growing community.

There’s no such community organized by two groups and it will continue to grow and for more details about the groups LIKE Philippine Bricksters on Facebook and for those LEGO® enthusiast visit the official site at:

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