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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Blue Bustamante: Not Your Average Sentai!

10.02.2013 – In the Philippines or any particular Asian country growing up must getting exposed to Japanese pop culture has its own rewards. It’s the reason why Pacific Rim was a blockbuster hit unlike in the US.

Because Japan knows something the Americans don’t and it’s the same with Super Sentai that was exported and became Power Rangers. Super Sentai’s are “Superhero Teams” that began in the 1970s and evolved into what everyone is watching nowadays. It became Japan’s own voice to what the Western culture had with men and women in tights.

Of course that inspiration leads to something unique and being as colorful its iteration come ideas that breathe life to new ideas from existing creations. In the case of Miko Livelo and Joel Ferrer team up to write a screenplay inspired by these shows growing up takes Blue Bustamante to new heights adding a slice of life and a Filipino culture in the mix to produce an interesting story that they want to share.

Some might have heard about Blue Bustamante as just another unknown independent film in fact it was co-produced through Miko Livelo’s Super Combo Punch Kick productions as part of Cinema One Originals which also made the recently shown “Hello World.”

It’s actually a drama-comedy film revolving around a jobless Filipino overseas worker and a father who doubles as a stunt man for Blue Force a fictional Sentai Japanese television superhero show who goes through everyday life trying to make ends meet for his family. The film’s dialogue is in Filipino hopefully it gets a subtitle for those curious outside the Philippines.

The concept is great and you’ll see that the suits are handmade that looks straight from an actual Sentai series. The production is impressive having well known Filipino personalities in the independent film industry portraying these interesting characters.

PunchKick productions has finally released an official teaser trailer and definitely relatable to hardworking OFWs who try to make better lives for their family just watch…

Blue Bustamante is a Cinema One Original produced by Punch Kick productions.

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