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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pacific Rim Opens the Possibility of Cool!

07.11.2013 – There was no trailer for other movies they started showing the film almost at 8 PM. There was some trivia games where you took home a coffee table book related to Pacific Rim which was won by two individuals.

It was raining hard but no one bothered as everyone started lining up to get in the cinema by 7 PM. The rain was bad and traffic was at standstill. But then again you’re cozy up as one of the few who get to see the film prior to regular showing.

Sons of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam as Raleigh Beckett narrates the film as you’ve seen in the previous trailers. Talking about the Jaeger (German word for Hunters) program and why it was conceived during the rise of Kaiju attacks that first hit San Francisco, Manila and other parts of the world.

Guillermo Del Toro has a great vision and it shows why he has a huge appreciation growing up watching the Kaiju (Japanese term for Monsters) creatures stomp around key cities that produce a sure amount of casualties.

The experience inside of a Jaeger makes the viewer’s think YOU ARE riding a 2,500 ton killing machine and Gypsy Danger is one heck of a robot that definitely kicks ass.

Few would point out the movie was a collection of inspiration from popular culture. Haven’t your watch the Japanese anime about Evangelion or even the New Type pilots in the earlier Gundam series? Surely you’ll get to see inspiration that made this film “a love letter to the Japanese otaku” that even Hideo Kojima creator of the Metal Gear Solid series would come out and tweet being in awed by its visual spectacle.

The actors really had a great time making this film playing with these enormous toys like having a train set to play with as Del Toro once mentioned in his interviews. He takes all these concepts and put it into one big film like Pacific Rim then -- BAM!

You got something new and fresh for those who have waiting a long time to see a slugfest about monsters and robots in a film this big.

Idris Elba’s Marshall Stacker Pentecost has more gut wrenching heart to inspire his crew in this film that takes us back to the time Bill Pullman have his megaphone telling you that this is our Independence Day.

Indeed Elba delivered his speech quite well under the rising Armageddon that you want to fight for him. In-between the seriousness there was light hearted scenes seeing Ron Perlman not in his Hellboy (also directed by Del Toro) trousers and making look good in a suit almost making it to a GQ cover.

Then you have Charlie Day as this hyperactive Dr. Newton Geiszler and Burn Gorman, who plays Herman Gottlieb rounding out the guys in the lab coat.

Of course there’s Rinko Kikuchi the untested trainee who has her own story to tell and this happened while everything was in chaos. You got supporting casts Rob Kazinsky the co-pilot of Australia’s Stryker Eureka and other personalities that definitely makes the human interest more believable.

Pacific Rim has a well-balanced cast of characters and not to forget the Kaijus who’s a thorn in the human races ass stomping down every city they claim as rightfully theirs.

It was quite a ride inside a Jaeger even though it was crude and sometimes inefficient but the big mech did get the job done. This was certainly one of Del Toro’s latest and greatest masterpieces that everyone will talk about in the months to come.

The sound score would be your LSS as you see the Gypsy Danger get ready for combat and music is one of the key elements that would want you to own your own Jaeger action figure by NECA toys.

When you watch these types of films catch it through the end past the credits because it never gets any better than this. See it like riding in a new car and as you turn the ignition let the sound reverberate and have a feel on the throttle. It’s rare that you see new kind of films such as this and it’s worth every penny to be entertained.

Overall Pacific Rim is both fun and inspiring that is definitely awesome by taking Monster VS Robot slugfests to the next level. The film is not perfect but certainly it has humanity in it for you to truly appreciate what made this film possible.

Pacific Rim opens in Philippine cinemas in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D on July 11. 2013 from Legendary Picture and Warner Bros. Picture Studios!

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