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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Movie Review: Gravity.

10.05.2013 – “It’s impossible to live in Space.” Those are just quotes when you first see the movie but when you watch it in its entirety the statement becomes so true.

The special Philippine press media screening happened on September 30, 2013 at the IMAX theatre in the premier shopping mall in SM Aura.

Originally it was first shown in the 70th Venice International Film Festival. IThe screenplay was co-written by Alfonso Cuarón with his son Jonás. Alfonso both produced and directed the film everyone would definitely talk about.

It’s one of the films that would give you a visual spectacle at the same time a panic attack for those who doesn’t have the stomach to have put yourself in Sandra Bullock’s position as Dr. Ryan Stone. If you have been seeing the teaser and full trailers you’ll definitely have an idea how Alfonso Cuarón put his audience in the driver seat.

Some of you probably were young to admit dreaming of traveling beyond the stars. This is no Star Trek or neither will it take you to a galaxy from far away in Star Wars. This is reality as we speak and if you follow NASA’s space travels and the lives that cost to bring a person up there this might discourage you from fulfilling that dream. The visuals are great especially if it was shown on IMAX 3D and Alfonso definitely made this film something visually stimulating.

The way Alfonso takes his viewers for a ride is shown how close the camera is pointed at Sandra Bullock. She is the window to everyone’s perspective and how that experience looked all so real. Don’t forget that haunting score that would leave you an LSS (Last Song Syndrome) moment that it also gives you the visual of having no control of your direction because there was no gravity.

There’s so much to reveal about this movie but to avoid spoilers this leaves you a reason to see the film in the bigger screen and no such cinema could provide that but the IMAX Theaters that SM malls have. It’s an art film disguise in a space drama due to its rich visual content where it fishes out the viewers to become wrapped up with its astounding beauty then when everyone’s caught by the bate it reels you in a very uncomfortable feeling that would leave you still have the score play at the back of your head. It’s rare that you have to feel like having a panic attack but it’s something the director succeeds with the close proximity cameras and the way it makes you feel sick but you’re not.

If you’re familiar with Alfonso Cuarón as one of the directors who made you like the Harry Potter films and got enchanted with his directions. You’ve got to see Gravity for its visual spectacle that would definitely give you the experience some might succeeded in other forms of giving viewers that uncomfortable situation but this one doesn’t have magic involve but it defines and gives you the reason to live your dreams even though under risky situations.

Overall Gravity gets an A- for such an awesome visual and great camera work but for some who are not into getting a panic attack this is why the reason the film is rated. Almost perfect but never shy to experiment the realities of space travel and that’s why the title sticks and haunting score leaves you with an LSS.

Gravity is already showing in Philippine cinemas in IMAX 3D, 3D, and 2D theaters from Warner Bros. Pictures just hold don’t let go this film is something for you to see it NOW.

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