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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Vinyl on Vinyl: MULTIPLAY The Game of Art!

10.06.2013 – Games transcends from art and vice versa without the other the world in this medium won’t exist.

Vinyl on Vinyl organized a group show featuring some you might have heard their names in the “Komiks” community and newcomers to the fold.

The art launch titled “MULTIPLAY” featuring urban lifestyle artists creating their own versions of the most beloved iconic games from the past twenty years.

If you’re familiar with game Mr. & Mrs. Pac Man chances are you might see them making out though a limited edition artwork that you’ll never see again.

Besides the art launch featuring these talented individuals VoV also had put a set up for everyone to play some classic games ranging from Mario Bros. to Tekken x Street Fighter that includes the fight control sticks to make it look like playing in a renal gaming shop in an urban setting.

There was techno music supplied by their DJ as well as food and drinks to keep the visitors full with fun. You can never have good food and drinks to last the night where everyone is having a great night.

If you missed the festivities Saturday night a collected set of images from the successful event gives you a glimpse what have you missed…

For more details about the art being exhibit visit Vinyl on Vinyl art gallery located at The Collective in Malugay St., Makati City.

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  1. Hello! i'm John Joe of

    We would like to ask if we could use your photo of our iOS game (Face Mountain) for our blog.

    WW Team

  2. Hi John,

    Yes. Please do acknowledge, credit, and link the source where you "borrowed" the images.

    Much appreciated.