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Saturday, October 19, 2013

98B Future Market: Polarities!

10.19.2013 – The 98B Future Market is a monthly event held at the Escolta in Metro Manila where urban lifestyle artists and garage sellers that also includes the ones who doesn’t have an actual store sell their wares.

From old vinyl records, cassette tapes and anything nostalgic can be seen in this monthly gathering of a small community pushing the rehabilitation of old Manila back to its original roots that made Escolta the original Business District in the country. It’s where old school meet the current generation talking about art and urban life.

There’s one consistent group which has been present every time 98B have the Future Market and that is Polarities. This small group of talented and creative individuals who has the passion for nostalgia and what contemporary art merge in bringing back the interest that rarely seen in the mainstream.

They produce art pieces and sell rare collectible toys from the era long forgotten. Some are from the 1980s and there others quite no longer familiar to anyone who was never born in that particular era.

They are also into clothing with original design unique to their own and they continue to bring something new each month at 98B Future Market.

If you haven’t been to the 98B Future Market check the images where Polarities are regular sellers at this event…

For more about the group and their next project LIKE Polarities Philippines on Facebook!

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