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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Throwback: Foldabots Toy Book!

11.07.2013 – In the anticipation for the launching of Foldabots Toy Book 6, here’s a throwback that takes back how the series was introduced.

JoMike Tejido who grew up learning about paper folding (Origami) introduced Foldabots in K-Zone Magazine.

The first character featured was Buhawi who turns into the Philippine Eagle. Now the artwork appears that the character is a robot.

If you remember the dark times of the Transformers brand in the mid-1990s, which re-introduced the brand known as Beast Wars chances are you’ll connect Buhawi’s concept to be close to that series. JoMike is actually a fan of Transformers but not the Beast Wars series, but the Generation One where robots turned into vehicles, jets and weapons.

Now as adult he saw the potential to be interesting as it is a mash up of paper folding and Transformers which introduced Foldabots to the generation of today. Buhawi was just the first character that turned into an animal. But the succeeding characters were vehicles and it was collected in the very first Toy Book.

That Toy Book was launched in November 16, 2008 at the Powerbooks in Greenbelt. Since then the Toy Book launch has become an annual mini-event and gathering of Foldabots enthusiasts.

The Foldabots also expands into a comic book series which was released in 2011 and it’s currently on its second issue. In the past seven years the Foldabots expanded with “non-transforming” characters like Blup. The little creature is sort of like a ghost but an ally of the Foldabots, since they also have a nemesis in the Lutabots. In a simple explanation they are what you call the Decepticons while the Foldabots are the heroic Autobots.

In the past years Foldabots had a cult following with the kids who would make their own characters. It might not attract young adults but it sure help these kids learn to appreciate the art of paper folding and the activity that keeps young minds busy.

Back then the Foldabots are unheard of, but due to its popularity with the kids due in part through word of mouth. There a few who would think it’s just for kids, but it also help to appreciate the simple things like this as a toy.

There are some kids who can’t afford to spend money on an actual Transformers toy and it helps them hone their skills in making one through the Foldabots concept.

Currently Foldabots still appear on K-Zone magazine which is published by Summit Media. The series of characters that you make based from JoMike’s creation is already compiled in five different volumes and will launch the sixth Toy Book this Sunday at the Robinsons Magnolia’s Atrium.

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