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Saturday, October 22, 2011

JoMike Tejido's Foldabots More Than Just Transformers in Origami!

10.22.2011 – Foldabots is a combination of paper folding (origami) and innovative creation of robots that actually transform from vehicles and animals from JoMike Tejido. The first appearance of Foldabots was from an issue of the local print of K-Zone magazine sometime in 2007.

Four book launches later Foldabots makes kid’s imagination become innovative. Earlier today we caught up with JoMike’s fourth launch Foldabots at Powerbooks compiling the characters that regularly appeared month on K-Zone into one book.

These creations are an original Filipino creation stemming from JoMike’s inspiration growing up watching the original Transformers cartoon and lots of imagination in creating toys out of paper.

There’s a growing community with the interest in regard to Foldabots. Something unique that a cult following has grown to create their own characters thanks to JoMike’s passionate love for art.

If you missed the launch of the Foldabots Toy Book 4 see these great images right here…

The battle between the heroic Foldabots and the evil Lutabots still continues in the the monthly issue of K-Zone magazine. Definitely there are more surprises in the upcoming months and you can follow further updates just LIKE the Foldabots Facebook Fan Page or join the Group Page for more behind the scenes of upcoming new characters.

Foldabots Toy Book 4 is now available at Powerbooks and other book shops in Metro Manila for only PhP 195.00 pesos. Special thanks to JoMike Tejido, K-Zone Magazine and Summit Media Publications.

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