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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Amazing X-Men #1: The Quest for Nightcrawler!

12.01.2013 – There’s a lot of X-Men titles that has been re-launched over the course of the year. You got All-New X- Men, Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine and the X-Men, and the most recent X-Men title featuring the female characters.

But Marvel still has one more x-title to bring out this year and that’s the Amazing X-Men featuring Nightcrawler, who everyone remembered to be deceased.

Hey this is the Marvel Universe not everyone stays dead permanently...

Unless you’re updated with the recent deaths to previous mutants, but this one’s a new adventure where the dead is alive...

It’s no surprise here that Nightcrawler is returning back from the dead, but if you haven’t picked up this issue POSSIBLE Spoilers ahead. But for the curios who hasn’t caught up with the news with the mutant with a “Bamf!” regardless of the spoilers you’re welcome to read all about it here…


For every new X-Men title there’s always the leading character just like in the films. Nightcrawler is the star of this book and for someone who used to be dead; this mutant takes the lead in the adventure that begins straight out of “heaven.”

There’s no welcoming wagon but surely the fans has missed Kurt Wagner’s presence, that he needs to come back in the land of the living to “write off that chapter” which is missing in his life and new readers get the chance to know this swashbuckling character.


For every hero there are co-stars or supporting cast and the line-up of mutants in this book is quite as interesting as its lead hero. Of course Wolverine will be in this book and you still wonder how he manages to be in all the teams he’s been part of it. Then you have Storm, Northstar, Beast, Angel, Rachel Grey, Warbird, Iceman and Firestar.

What make this issue interesting are the subplots that happen which connects each character. There’s already a love triangle happening between Iceman, Warbird and Firstar in this issue.

For those who grew up watching Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends would remember Iceman and Firestar appearing in the 1980s cartoon. If you’re a fan of the cartoon wait until read this issue exploring further developments with their relationship.


Jason Aaron provides the story and Ed McGuinness gives you a clean look of the visuals that makes this latest X-Men title stand out. Though you may not have everything you want in an X-Men title it can be an alternative monthly good read that can stand on its own with its stories to tell.

Overall this is not another “What If” story that never happened, but for anyone looking to find a monthly book to start without the need to go back to the other x-titles, the Amazing X-Men is a romp to read.

Grab a copy for Philippine-based readers at Comic Odyssey, Filbar’s and Planet X Comics whenever copy available.

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