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Friday, March 21, 2014

A Different Kind of Moon Knight!

03.21.2014 – You can say Moon Knight is Batman in white costume, but entirely there’s more to Marc Spector than some can describe.

The character has been around since 1975 making his first appearance in Werewolf by Night #32, which was co-created by Dough Moench and art work from Don Perlin.

The latest series to come out from the House of Ideas takes a different approach from controversial writer Warren Ellis with Declan Shalvey and Jodie Bellaire managing the art work.

Moon Knight is no ordinary hero drawing his powers from the moon, and that makes him entirely more mystically sound than you Dark Knight. Resurrected as a shadow moon god, who is a former mercenary, Marc Spector has a lot of baggage under that white mask and cowl.

Warren Ellis for his notable for introducing Tony Stark using the Extremis technology changed the way the character, which made him popular in the live action films. Plus a slew of notable works in Transmetropolitan, Planetary, Hellblazer, The Authority, Red, and a growing list of upcoming works doesn’t sound controversial.

But how he’s going handle the writing duties for the news Moon Knight Series is something of a curiosity that would intrigue the casual reader. Honestly who has heard about Moon Knight? People would immediately address Marc Spector as a Batman rip off, but Warren Ellis taking this character in a fresh and rather unique perspective is something worth looking forward to.

Declan Shalvey and Jodie Bellaire handle art duties for the series, which would definitely match Warren Ellis’ perspective on this character. The art style takes Moon Knight more of an “indie film” kind of vibe that makes him no longer than just a superhero wearing a big cape and mask prancing around rooftops at night.

The change in the character is not only cosmetic on how he is introduced in the current Marvel NOW universe, but also how he operates and you’re not getting any plot details here just to get spoiled. Better take the advice and pick up the first issue just check with your local comic book shop for availability.

Though you got to dig his white suit and having his own Commissioner Gordon, but entirely Mr. Knight has more grand entrance than just another cape crusader dropping in uninvited to the crime scene. This reminds you of a local Filipino comic book in Trese than having a bat signal on top of a police precinct.

Trading giant capes and vigilante-style approach is a fresh take on the character seems to be worth following with this maiden issue. The details on the art department seemed to mesh well with Warren Ellis writing style and quite an intriguing concept altogether.

Now that last few pages leading to a climatic “I want to see the next issue” will definitely give you a kicker. For someone with multiple personality disorder is not your usual vigilante or superhero becoming a stylist that uses the #ootd hashtag seems like Marc Spector could be a regular Instagram user if he wanted to in that white suit.

Overall Moon Knight is a welcome change in than usual vigilante of the night, which the writer and the artists the freedom to bring something new for the character. Warren Ellis hasn’t failed in that department most of the time, and that’s why Iron Man is so popular now you’ll ever wonder if Moon Knight can achieve that level.

The answer could be yes or no depends on how you like the concept Moon Knight seems to be not your average Batman in a white suit. Moon Knight gets rated at B+ for its just simple stylish take with interesting surprises.

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