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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Meal 2013: Despicable Me 2 Goes Global!

06.27.2013 – The Happy Meal toys that was supposed to be for the month of July 2013 in the Philippines is getting sold out. The film has not been shown yet but the toys previously sighted are getting sold out too notably Dave & Stuart interactive minions.The popularity of the minions solidified as the current favorite group of creatures after Smurfs that put them in the cult status. Speaking of the Happy Meal toys previously confirmed to be a total of fifteen minions were discovered to be more than that combined with nine from Philippines and six from Australia.

Reports now that McDonald’s released for their Happy Meal all over the world totaled to SEVENTEEN minions which was discovered in parts of South America having two more not available in other foreign markets.

Since tracking down the minions would be difficult to give further details in foreign markets we compiled some images found online that would give further information which ones that would turn up. The Philippines has nine minions to collect while others have less than seven and the most would be in Australia with twelve.

Given that some might be hardcore minion fans by now we compiled some images from official McDonald’s websites and reports credited to dedicated in further details including the release dates.

The McDonald’s stores in Brazil, Mexico (to be announced), and Panama has ELEVEN minions which featured TWO versions not available in other foreign markets including the Philippines. These minions are DAVE 2 and EVIL MINION 4 both has similar gimmicks where you can use them as straw holder.

Next region that has Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines featured nine minions. The Philippines released it on June 21, 2013 while Indonesia has started on June 22 to July 25, 2013. Depends on availability while supply last as the Philippines has started getting sold out some of the most wanted minions.

Australia has the most minions released yesterday (June 26, 2013) with SIX versions not available in the Asian region and some parts of South America. This is also a trade off that there are SIX minions available only Asia.

No details if these are the same ones going to be released for the US, Europe, and some parts of North America that includes Canada but definitely you’ll notice that TWO Evil Minions (Purple Minion Babbler and Purple Minion Giggling) FOUR yellow ones (Phil Jelly Whistle, Jerry Whistle, Tom Babbler, and Carl Rocket Skateboard) are available down under but they are missing some minions that are available in the Asian region.

Austria has the least minion with seven (to be released on July 5 to August 1, 2013) having a mix of versions from the Asian and Australian release but still not complete that has been found in selected regions that carry significant variations.

Lastly France has eight just like Austria it has mixed of minions from Asia and Australia which is already available yesterday (June 26, 2013). The popularity of the minions has invaded McDonald’s Happy Meal definitely has a lot of spunk and craziness with the obsession for a banana.

If you had your fill of Happy Meal toys and can’t get enough of the lovable banana chasing minions meet and greet them as McDonald’s Philippines has released a schedule where you can see Dave and Stuart in person…

“Despicable Me 2” opens in 3D cinemas on July 3, 2013 from Universal Pictures to be distributed in the Philippines by Solar Entertainment!


  1. What is the price of every collectibles minions when i avail happy meal

  2. Did you read the details of this article?

    Please check pricing at your local McDonald's in your region.

  3. Any idea how to get the two collection that only available in Latina America? Cant even see them in eBay or Amazon :(