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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cobra Leaders in Action Figure!

03.10.2013 – There action figures and of course it became of the iconic franchise from the 1980s. G.I. Joe was A Real American Hero that was born accompanied with an animated series and a comic book that gave life to these soldiers.

Then we got their enemy in Cobra a ruthless organization bent out to rule world or even include your toy shelf. There are leaders in the organization you all know the Joes but what about the enemy’s leaders? If you haven’t heard here’s some what we know...

SM is one of the largest clothing stores in the Philippines which as Of course we only new that Cobra Commander and Serpentor ruled with an iron fist for most of the cartoon life but beyond that there are more stories told about the toys themselves and in some form of media.

The Cobra hierarchy is sometimes confusing and yet quite interesting from someone who actually grew up watching the cartoon we would only understand what we see. But then again there was that comic book series written by Larry Hama that became the blueprint for some interesting characters who never had the chance at screen time.

Then we have the toy commercials that featured some of the characters that never actually made appearance in the animated series or event the comic books. Since G.I. Joe Retaliation will be coming up in the big screen why not talk about the toys not related to the later but the Cobra Leaders. The ones you already know and some who you never even saw in the animated series and comic books.

Cobra Commander, You know him already that was voiced by the late great Chris Latta who you might have heard voiced that Decepticon Air Commander in Transformers. The action figure based from the iconic cartoon and comic book was the primary villain who led the organization. The action figure was from the 2007 boxed set to celebrate its 25th anniversary that feature other prominent members of Cobra like Baroness, Destro, Storm Shadow, and a Cobra Trooper for Cobra Commander to bark his orders.

Serpentor, The science experiment that Dr. Mindbender claimed to have created from the DNAs of fallen leaders from a distant time and also stole some from Sgt. Slaughter in the cartoon “Serpentor Arise!” since the organization got tired taking orders from Cobra Commander that they decided to make their own leader.

This action figure of course is from the Battle Pack box set that features a piece of the M.A.S.S device and three other figures from the scene based from the cartoon that feature his first appearance. The Air Chariot was from the battle pack set that came with a different version of Serpentor opposite the Joe’s Armadillo tank.

Fred VII is, as his name implies, the seventh member of the Fred Series of Crimson Guards. Each member of the series looks identical due to plastic surgery. Many are sent out into everyday life to gain political clout and other resources for Cobra. Fred operates a small auto repair shop, which was also the site of a hidden cybernetics lab.

If you’re reading Larry Hama’s comic book series that was originally published by Marvel then you might like this action figure that pretended to be Cobra Commander in that armored battle suit that the REAL Commander was wearing the cartoon. But in the comic it was Fred VII who for a time became Cobra Commander eventually claimed to take his place because the leader was killed by him.

The Fred VII in the Armored Battle suit came out as part of the comic pack with Gung-Ho based from the comic book colors and with a removable helmet. A slight darker shade of blue painted compared to the one that was released in a single carded figure with the real Cobra Commander behind the mask.

Overlord, another Crimson Guard for a time became a leader of Cobra who first appeared in a toy commercial that has the real Sgt. Slaughter challenging him. Overlord also made his appearance in the Devil’s Due comic book series killing one significant member of G.I. Joe in Cobra Island who like the other leaders has a lust for power.

The action figure was originally released in 1990 with the Dictator tank/hovercraft vehicle. There was no 25th Anniversary Edition of Overlord that clearly the only vintage action figure in the set of leaders featured.

There are other notable Cobra Leaders based from the action figures but these tyrants takes leadership to a whole lot of level from the original cartoon, comics, and other various media.

Surely you’ll find them interesting besides having them in your collection that’s been on display ready to take control of your cobra legion!

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