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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jollibee Sing & Dance Doll!

11.27.2013 – Jollibee is a well-known fast food restaurant in the Philippines, which already have stores all over the world. Founded thirty five years ago and has become part of the Philippine popular culture.

The face of their brand is the iconic happy bee named after the company. Similar to other competing restaurants having their own signature mascots, Jollibee has become known in some parts of the world and in celebrating its anniversary they have released this doll…

Jollibee is actually a plush toy that sings and dance powered by 3 AA batteries. This soft plush toy has bendable arms and well detailed clothing. The mascot’s image is the face of Jollibee Food Corporation is the best gift for the holiday season.

For every food purchase you get the chance to acquire this cool plush toy that sings and dances like no other. Jollibee will definitely catch your attention doing his fancy moves. He stands 8-9 inches tall and is stable when he stands. Jollibee is packaged in a red pouch bag that has “35 Years” written over it.

There’s no exact information which company Jollibee commissioned to manufacture this toy, and the only indication is that this was made in China.

No other details included in the pouch bag aside from the instruction manual where it shows you the directions how to maintain the toy. The battery compartments are located beneath his feet and it’s where the power button can be found. But to activate the “sing and dance” mode there’s button hidden in Jollibee’s left foot.

The plastic parts looks somewhat cheap but the rest of the quality passes up as a sturdy plush toy. It’s good that before you take it home the staff at the store tests each plush toy if it’s working or not.

Jollibee is not only about having their own brand of Kids Meal toys, but also release rare collectible times related to the company now that they are celebrating 35 years. This is considered a “doll” than a plush toy, but for its cuddly appearance this electronic scaled down mascot about a Happy Bee is not just that.

Overall design and quality Jollibee “Dancing Doll” is a must have for those who grew up dinning at this fast food restaurant. It is sold for PhP 399.00 pesos ($9.12 US) for every food purchase of any meal.

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  1. can anyone tell me where can i buy this jollibee dancing doll?

    1. Try finding online sellers on social media particularly Facebook, where most groups sell vintage to recent Jollibee related collectibles.

  2. Replies
    1. This one sold out in 2013 no possibility of getting reissued by Jollibee. Try online sellers who would probably have it.