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Friday, March 14, 2014

Hunter X Hunter: The Last Mission Showing Exclusively at SM Cinemas

I can't believe that it's already been a year since Movie Punch distributed Hunter X Hunter: The Phantom Rogue last May and now they're at it again with the new movie ~ Hunter X Hunter: The Last Mission which will screen EXCLUSIVELY at SM Cinemas on April 19 - that's a Black Saturday so not sure how that's going to work but I guess they will be screening it for a couple of weeks so mark those calendars! 

If you will allow me to walk down memory lane - I must say that the Movie Announcement for The Phantom Rogue last year is actually the most viewed post in our blog for some strange reason you can actually check it out here.

And you can also check out what went down during the premier of The Phantom Rogue here and of course my thoughts and review on the movie here

So I guess that's pretty much my trip down to memory lane now let's take a look at what we have in store for us in the future! :D 

Movie Punch (Pioneer Films) brings to us in partnership with SM Cinema another Hunter X Hunter film - this time it's The Last Mission which was released in Japan last December 27 2013 in Japan. 

I always cherish the experience of catching your favorite anime movies in the big screen. I mean yeah - anybody can just download or stream the movie but to actually experience it inside the cinema where you can fully appreciate the visuals and the sound for what it is supposed to be is a rare treat. Just think about it - when the series first came out all those years ago would you have ever thought you would one day be able to enjoy it inside a cinema? 

And if you missed The Phantom Rouge then you shouldn't miss The Last Mission! 

The movie takes a deeper look into the Hunter Association on which the series is based on and takes it to a whole different level by splitting the association between good and evil.The character of Netero (the chairman of the Hunters Association) is also focused as we get a sneak peek into his past. 

After a brutal attack from the 'dark Hunters' Killua is badly injured and Kurapika is at death's doorstep. Gon is placed in a difficult predicament - will he follow the dark Hunters to save his friends and what will he do when the crimes of the Hunter association are revealed? 

Check out the trailer of Hunter X Hunter: The Last Mission and make sure to catch the screening this April 19th at SM Cinemas! :D 


By Ica Cheng

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