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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Morpheus "Introduction" on the KIA K900!

03.27.2014 – Morpheus as your guide to choosing the right luxury car for KIA’s K 900 model is a brilliant campaign that was first seen late in January with a series of TV commercials giving you an idea what to expect in a car like this.

The agency behind this campaign knows which target market they want for KIA’s first ever luxury car. You’d feel old knowing The Matrix was in cinemas in 1999, and by now those audience is in their late 30s to 50s where they have Morpheus giving you a choice.

In the latest TV commercial for the KIA K900 Morpheus talks through the “Introduction” of the car being state of the art combining the philosophy and ingenuity behind this campaign and Laurence Fishburne did not miss the beat on his portrayal for this character fro The Matrix Trilogy.

The latest commercial shown a few weeks ago is the latest TV commercial since its first one debut during the Super Bowl week. Surely you’ll definitely follow the white rabbit with the elegance of a luxury care like the K900 from KIA…

KIA K900 is the latest luxury car released in North America and for more LIKE KIA Motors America on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @KIA

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