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Sunday, June 14, 2015

McDo Happy Meal 2015: Minions Worldwide!

06.14.2015 – Earlier today McDonald’s Philippines has revealed what are the next Happy Meal toys through, and you’ll probably be surprised to know its going to be a feeding frenzy this time of the year just like in 2013.

The Minions spinoff movie is set to be shown next month, which means the merchandise and promotions is already set in motion as revealed…

So far the update right now is that Malaysia has started their promotions for their Happy Meal that will release tow to three figurines a week that began the start of June 2015. While in Australia they also began to release their own versions. In the US they just began announcing the release.

Australia, Asia & US in Numbers

In Australia they have already begun releasing the Happy Meal toys all FOURTEEN which has more variations. The same goes for the US announced that they have TWELVE for you to catch up to these guys. While in Asia like Malaysia expect the same number of Minions will be available in Singapore, Philippines and neighbouring countries in the region where you get TEN Minions as revealed in the images below:

These are the Minions for Asia. NOTE: Red Boxed Minions are not available in Australia.

These are the Minions for Australia. NOTE: Red Boxed Minions Not Available in Asia.

These are the Minions released in the US. NOTE: Red Boxed are the ones not available in Australia.

Regional Variations

Just like the hoopla in 2013 there will be similar characters and there will be variations in some countries. In Asia that include all countries in this region with the exception of Japan will have the same Minions that has revealed. You collect all TEN and that’s basically it.

Here are the possible variations that you need to keep an eye out for as in Australia half of the Minions that they have are different. There are SIX Minions available in Asia that has “Marching Minion Soldier”, “Minion Vampire”, “Guard Minion”, “Martial Arts Minion”, “Chatting Bob” and “Egyptian Hula Minion”, which is included in the Australia release while there are EIGHT new Minions you need to track down there.

While the in the US the entire line-up of Minions are not available in Asia (the same goes with the release in Asia not available in the US). Australia doesn’t have the additional SIX characters from the US. If you add the one in the Philippines which is TEN then you add EIGHT from Australia together with SIX in the US release you got TWENTY FOUR Minions. This DOES NOT include Europe and South America which is quite a bit of stretch to get them all.

But then again if you got family or friends residing in other countries who would likely help you get all the Minions of the world then it’s all good. It’s a good thing you don’t need to track them down like what happened with the 101 & 102 Dalmatians.


  1. Hello!!! Thanks for red boxing the special minions in australia and US.

    Can you please do the same with europe and sout american minions.

    1. Reydante, Latin America and Europe has not caught up with the release of the Minions due to that the film screen date varies upon its availability.

  2. Hi, you said Japan is excluded in the region. Do you know their set assortment? I know someone who is in Japan right now, can acquire them for me. Thanks

    1. Wil, Japan is currently is running a different promotion for their happy meal. It seems they don't follow what the rest of Asia as their next toys are based on what's popular in their local area namely Power Rangers and Japan-related properties.

  3. i want to buy red boxed minions in australia . can u arrange for me. pls let me know the price first.thanks .i stay at malaysia.