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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jollibee Kids Meal 2013: Goes Turbo!

07.09.2013 – In the anticipation for the release of the film Turbo from Dreamworks Animation the Philippines popular fast food restaurant in Jollibee brings you their latest Jolly Kids Meal for the month of July 2013!

The Kids Meal toys might be exclusive only in the Philippines and it might not be available in other regions outside the country. But it’s sure that these little garden snails aren’t push overs. Possibly not as appealing as the trending minions but you got only three snails to collect in building one cool race track!

The three snails are “Maximum” Turbo, “High-Speed” Burn, and “Whiplsash” Dash which all comes with one race track that is also includes sticker labels for you to apply.

Back then Burger King as a similar concept that includes racetrack and with each included just like these Turbo related merchandise you can combine all thee to make an even bigger track.

It’s a cool Kids Meal toy but Jollibee has recently been cutting on cost in producing these toys unlike the ones from five years ago with Voltron or even those exclusive only Justice League Unlimited figures from the early 2000s or the better quality ones that came before it at the height of competition with McDonald's Happy Meal.

The Turbo Race Team is sold individually when you dine–in at Jollibee stores across the Philippines and for more of future promos LIKE Jollibee on Facebook!

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