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Monday, March 10, 2014

Movie Review: 300 Rise of an Empire!

03.10.2014 – Wars have won and lost but when you watch 300 Rise of An Empire everything is at stake which includes your life. The film follows the stories of the Greeks and Persians from the 2007 film 300 the Zack Snyder directed.

It’s a tough act to follow if you’re talking about 300 based from the graphic novel by Frank Miller. Rise of an Empire is a different animal from the beginning as promoted it’s a prequel at the same time sequel to the original which has layers of intrigue.

The film based from Xerxes reveals more than just masculine men basking in too many blood and killing their foes like they where animated. Rise of an Empire has layers and every fabric detail is some of all parts that make this an interesting film to see.

You still have the queen and men of Sparta that wants vengeance for the sacrifice Leonidas and the 300 has paid fighting for their right to freedom. Then you also have a vengeful woman in Artemisia who hated the Greeks and being a native of that land. There is also a lot ships which most battles are set in the sea with Themistokles leading the charge. Not to forget you’ve got an angry god-king portrayed Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro who happens to love rare bird species.

When Zack Snyder brought the original almost 7 years ago the visuals are new and the characters definitely comes to life from Frank Millers graphic novel. The action is top notch and at that time there with no cuts even it was tagged for R-18. It’s difficult to compare 300 from Rise of an Empire since both have different angles to the story.

Leonidas and his men have a bigger battle that ended their lives, but it inspired the other men to go war with the Persians. Themistokles is a brilliant tactician in the open sea and he has more than 300 men at his disposal. The only obstacle he faced is not a god-king but a vile woman out for blood and Artemisia is that individual.

What makes the viewers gets confused about is the layers of stories that was put together in building this film. Rise of an Empire is more epic than 300, but what makes the original stand out is that they focused on the men who died to spark a revolution.

Overall Rise of an Empire is a great film on its own but there are flaws that can find your self lost in the midst of the plot. The direction is precise like the arrow Themistokles has launched at the heart of the Persians. It did seize its glory but not enough to please the entire movie going public and for that it earns 3.5 out 5 for the direction of the story.

Some might say the failure is the Philippines’ MTRCB chopped the sex scene part that should have made an impact in the narrative. But it’s actually the way the flow of the story and yes you can also say the sex scene part was crucial.

300: Rise of an Empire now playing in 3D and 2D cinemas in the Philippines from Warner Bros Picture Studios!

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