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Monday, April 28, 2014

Vinyl on Vinyl: tokidoki!

04.28.2014 – Simone Legno has put up an impressive show at Vinyl on Vinyl where a huge turn out once again filled out the art gallery with almost no floor space to see. The art gallery featured some never before seen paintings and art toys.

Besides the works and art toys there’s a corner where all the merchandise is being sold. The audience is mixed with talented individuals from various medium of art and some personalities online dropping by and making their support.

It was a night of invigorating inspiration as Simone Legno fresh from his live art session at The Block Atrium in SM North Edsa. He arrived just in time to get a quick rest before he starts another live art session at Vinyl on Vinyl.

The crowd mostly composed of long time followers of his work, personalities and well known artists in the independent scene. Vinyl on Vinyl scored another huge crowd since Gary Baseman came to town last month, who also had his first ever solo show with the art gallery which had other international graphic artists.

Simone Legno had a very tight schedule over the weekend launching his product to a bigger venue present on both Friday and Saturday at The Block in SM North Edsa and with Vinyl on Vinyl during the evening.

It has more of a down time environment than being in an art gallery where Legno had a live art session. It took him an hour to wrap things up and then a few minute breaks late he proceeded to sign autographs and mingle with his fans. Simone Legno on his second trip to the Philippines usually can be seen annually at the Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) since it inception in 2008.

He’s a regular at the pop culture event in Asia and most of the time a huge crowd has surrounded his booth, which is a difficult to navigate through just to get to meet and greet him in person. But at Vinyl on Vinyl that situation was the complete opposite where his accommodated everyone with his signature and sketches.

Simone Legno being a humble individual gave high fives and cracked jokes in-between his live art while downing a bottle of Red Horse beer. He practically enjoyed his time conversing with fans at Vinyl on Vinyl and felt right at home.

It was a fun-filled Saturday night experience where Simone Legno was just being himself showing no stress from his rough trip back from SM North Edsa to The Collective where Vinyl on Vinyl was located in Makati City.

He hopes to come back soon as previously talked about being interested to check out the country further and its tourist attractions.

Right now with his brand getting a global recognition it might take longer for him to get his feet planted in the white sand beaches of Boracay, but he’s hoping for that when he had this conversation heading back to Makati on a Friday night after the success of the tokidoki brand launch at The Block in SM North Edsa.

Vinyl on Vinyl had another successful Saturday night featuring Simone Legno of tokidoki. For more of the art gallery LIKE Vinyl on Vinyl on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @VinylonVinyl

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