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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Snippets of Highlights from X-Men PH Premiere!

05.20.2014 – X-Men Days of Future Past has a special screening Tuesday night in the Philippines with the support of local cosplay group The Philippine X-Men Team all dressed and dolled up for the premiere.

The event was held at the SM Megamall in Cinema 1, where the red carpet was set up that has the teaser and final theatrical poster including the standees decked for the screening. The media press screening was all set up as early as 4 PM as shared by one of the founding members of the cosplay group shared on social media.

There’s only a few images taken prior to the screening of the said film, but you’ll get the glimpse how dedicated the fans of X-Men dress up for the event. Especially the Philippine X-Men Team, which has been in the cosplay community for the past four years of its existence.

If you happen to pass by cinema 1 in SM Megamall while about to see another film, but never got to see them clearly here is some snippet what happened inside the cinema:

X-Men Days of Future Past opens in Philippine cinemas on May 21, 2014 available in 2D and 3D from 20th Century Fox locally distributed by Warner Bros. International Pictures!

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