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Thursday, April 3, 2014

ThrowBack: Bio Turbo Sneakers!

04.03.2014 – Do you remember Chodenchi Bioman? Or in English speaking countries simply translated as ‘Bioman.’ A popular sentai show imported from Japan that featured colorful heroes that call out their name and designated number.

Back in the day when the show’s popularity was at all-time high there were merchandise, action figures, vehicles, play set and even costumes. There might also have shoe apparel mostly like yes they also do. But have you heard about the ‘Bio Turbo?’

For those in the know about ‘Bioman” and had the Bio Dragon and the Bio Robo chances are you might be wearing original and… Third party made unlicensed shirts or other products. But to own a pair of sneakers known as the ‘Bio Turbo’ this might be beyond your collective fandom to take it.

There’s not much information about the ‘Bio Turbo’ sneakers other than it sounded like it was part of the ‘Bioman’ merchandise. Only a few kids would be fortunate to own these shoes and talked about when they where in 2nd or 3rd level in grade school. No information on the manufacturer until someone uploaded a TV commercial of the pair of sneakers known as ‘Bio Turbo’ and you’d be surprise to see Jackie Chan as the spokesperson for the sneakers.

But it still leaves a mystery behind the ‘Bio Turbo’ sneakers and IF they are part of the ‘Bioman’ merchandise. But this old 1985 TV commercial sheds some light to the mysterious shoes featuring Jackie Chan:

For those who owned a pair back in the day hit us up in our social media channels and share your thoughts about the mysterious ‘Bio Turbo.’ For now this also reveals there are two versions of the sneakers.

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