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Thursday, June 5, 2014

All-New Ghost Rider: Vengeful Spirit Revealed!

06.05.2014 – All-New Ghost Rider was a promising series something you can sink your teeth in, but after issue to things where starting to take it slow where Robbie still dealing with financial woes at the same time trying to get a grip with the strange transformation.

It’s not easy taking Ghost Rider and remaking this character like it was made for this era. Johnny Blaze will always be THE Ghost Rider, but this is the year 2014 and Robbie Reyes is that Spirit of Vengeance. You may have heard also about Danny Ketch, he was an interesting rider too until he disappeared then Marvel introduced a new one…

It’s been weeks since issue #3 came out, but it took a while to familiarize with Robbie Reyes a mechanic with real life problems. Comparing him to the previous riders is like comparing Toyota Supra to a muscle car that Vin Diesel has driven.

The only difference between past riders and the current one is that Robbie drives a muscle car that seems to be alive. There was no connection to Zarathos or to any mumbo jumbo that made the current Ghost Rider until issue three gives a little bit of bread crumbs to its true origin. There are no connections to Mephisto since he’s dealing with Johnny Blaze and the rest of the Thunderbolts in hell a few issues in that comic book.

So Robbie is on his own to figure out this new demon that has taken life inside the muscle car of the previous owner who is revealed to be an illegal drug smuggler. Then he has to deal with the all-new Mr. Hyde and the rest of that military group that killed him in the first place.

There were so many layers in the narrative in this series the last issues there was something missing to make it more interesting to catch up. You have figured out the underdog hero and his four-wheel ghost machine, but the other characters have been like disconnected to make the pacing to read this title better. But issue #3 gives out what you need without that disconnection from the previous issue.

The new Ghost Rider is not a demon or an old supernatural entity it turns out it’s a spirit named ‘Eli’ who speaks in riddles and still not revealing the details for you to comeback for next issue. This new spirit seems to have more personality than old Zarathos himself who was revealed to be an angel.

But ‘Eli’ is a spirit possessing a muscle car that’s like from the Fast & Furious films ready to take charge in helping Robbie’s troubled life. Indeed his life won’t be the same now that car has desire to help him, but under the hood there’s something missing that Robbie might regret in the future. It’s like dealing with the devil but this time its like a car out of horror film that’s giving the only option he needs and is to ride becoming the ‘Engine of Vengeance.’

Overall the progress of the story is slowly picking up, but it needs to have more paces on how each issue should stand out without the need to give all what you need. But Tradd Moore definitely will have a surprise in the following issues, and Felipe Smith continues to be consistent as each artwork certainly is becoming part of the series.

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