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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rocket Raccoon #2: Chasing Tale Part 2!

08.05.2014 – If you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy most of you wanted baby Groot for you own. Rocket Raccoon was supposed to be the heart of the team but it turns out his ‘bodyguard’ almost took the spotlight. In the comic books its a different story Rocket Raccoon just recent has his solo series.

If you have been gearing up to see the famous fury Rocket then you are not aware there’s a comic book. The second issue just came out and Skottie Young is handling his misadventures quite well.

For those who haven’t picked up the first issue might as well check with your local comic book shops for availability probably due to the popularity of the live action film it might be sold out by now. If that’s already happened maybe they would be releasing a second print.

Issue #2 just came out in the shelf earlier today and Skottie Young does his best Rocket Raccoon story ever with those colorful details pages. If you haven’t got the first issue what previously happened is someone who looks like him is killing off people. Knowing that Rocker is the last of his species there’s something strange about all this that he decided to turn himself over to the authorities.

From the opening pages the interrogation scene was a mix bag of parodies taking inspiration to various films and other stories that featured lines being spit out by Rocket, which also get the prison guard to interact with hilarious laughs cough up by Skottie Young.

The artwork is superb and detailed with supplied vivid colors by Jean-Francois Beaulieu. Skottie’s characterization of Rocket is sort of like DC Comics’ Lobo but furry entertaining that would appeal to everyone and it was evident that this series would definitely grow with everyone. If you’re asking for Groot he’s also here since the first issue. You can’t have Rocket without Groot even though the series is more about the furry little rascal.

Though Rocket is not like Deadpool who usually breaks the fourth wall you can say he does it too, but he feels being in a movie in every way a big scene is coming. With Groot the usual fun-loving tree from Planet X have his moments. If you’ve seen Guardians reveal his abilities you haven’t seen him do more in the comic books like he can as small as a toothpick or a twig and become a ginormous Groot.

Of course you won’t hear him utter any words aside from “I Am Groot” which is understandable even to Star-Lord who at first doesn’t understand saying this so many times. In the comic book he did also made a cameo back in the first issue. In this adventure by Rocket he goes to jail and meet a cast of characters that seems oddly memorable from the live action Guardians. It’s funny and surreal to see a small Raccoon beat one of the prisoners and escape unscathed.

Skottie certainly tones down the violence the regular Guardians of the Galaxy comic book is having and focuses on the story of Rocket keeping in focus what kind of character he was.

At the same time giving you an idea how vast the cosmic side of Marvel Universe to those who wish to enjoy this furry creature’s adventure. Everyone would definitely appreciate how different this Rocket to Bradley Cooper’s portrayal, but after seeing this film you may now know how he sounds like.

So basically in this issue is trying to find out IF all the allegations that another raccoon was on the loose. Trying to deal with every scum in the galaxy seems like easy for Rocket just to find out the truth, but for twenty pages of great art you have to wait for the next one. But every page is not a dull sight with details Skottie Young puts in this book this series will definitely appeal to everyone.

Overall it’s early if you’ve seen enough Rocket Raccon unless you have re-watched the move so many times and never get tired of it. This is the same thing about the comic book even though its only on its second issue because of the whimsical nature of Skottie Young’s work it has found an identity of its own that makes it unique from the regular Guardians of the Galaxy comic book.

Certainly you’ll be digging back to Bill Mantlo and Keith Geffen’s first adventures of Rocket Raccoon. For now this is where the new readers jump in and enjoy the ride as third issue won’t be out until next month to have more of Rocket Raccoon.

Rating: 8.5 of 10

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