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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Apple Ad 'Outtakes' w/ Cookie Monster. #FunToWatch

04.09.2016 – There’s a part of fun into the recent Apple TV ads that recently shown Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster baking cookies with the help of Siri. Those iPhone 6S Commercials showing its features starring celebrities are just entertaining.

The famous ads featuring Steph Curry or Jamie Fox has been elevated to the having Cookie Monster using one of the phone features with such hilarity.

There’s an outtake in that TV ad that simply a joy to watch if you’ve grown up knowing Cookie Monster he doesn’t have tolerance baking a bunch of cookies. But this behind the scenes clip gives you more than just selling the phone features it gives you something to smile about that’s definitely a good laugh…

If you’re overjoyed to see how things happens in a day of the life of Cookie Monster this was one of those rare moments you’ll have fun watching the blue furry creature devour a box of baked cookies he has been waiting for.

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