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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Supergirl Teases "Worlds Finest!"

03.22.2016 – Finally the much awaited crossover event on television is happening, and if the behind the scenes images are not enough to build excitement for the upcoming Supergirl episode there’s some teasers!

The Flash is making his way to National City and the producers have finally had that explanation. If you’ve been following The Flash you’ll see him make it there!

This probably the much awaited event to ever happen on American television as The Flash (being aired in the US on The CW Network) is going to finally appear on Supergirl (aired on CBS) which is great since both shows share the same producers.

Besides that for those who living outside North America why this is possible is because CBS partly own The CW Network. It’s a great time for the readers of DC Comics mostly those who followed The Flash and Supergirl is excited to see this happen which is the reason you should see this teaser below:

“Supergirl” airs in the Philippines same day in the US on ETC channel at 3 PM and primtitme replay at 8 PM and it also broadcast The Flash the following day. For more about both of the shows LIKE ETC on Facewbook!

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