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Monday, April 25, 2016

LEGO® Super Heroes | The Joker Bumper Car!

04.25.2016 – The Joker is celebrating its first appearance in the comicbooks today. The Clown Prince of Crime turns 76 originally making his first appearance in the premiere issue of Batman Vol. 1 #1 on April 25, 1940.

The iconic villain was created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson would become the arch nemesis of the Dark Knight appearing in various medium with countless merchandise that includes this LEGO® Bumper Car bagged set.

For many years the Joker has been an enigma and has been portrayed by four actors in television with three succeeding films with most recent portrayed by Jared Leto in the upcoming Suicide Squad. There have been several variations of the Joker in LEGO® form, which are mostly based in the comicbooks with the exception with the one exclusively, released for the UCS the Dark Knight featuring Tumbler that included an iteration based on Heath Ledger’s Joker.

This is not including the Hero Factory buildable figure, the micro figure or the one released for Duplo. But if you’re a Joker fan who collects every version of Batman’s famous arch-enemy the LEGO® minifigures are the one which is quite challenging to track down due to the sets that included him.

Bumping Cars & Throwing Pies

The Joker Bumper car is an exception if you just want one to have to represent in having the minifigure of the Joker. This polybag was first available for free with the Daily Mail in UK on May 17, 2015 then it was sold at US stores for $3.99 US.

What makes this Joker unique for this polybag is that he doesn’t come with any weapons, but he has one pie to throw at your face, and based on the design of the bumper car this supposed to be an expansion to 6857 The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape, AKA the Joker's funhouse released in 2011.

Driving You Crazily Insane

Putting together the bumper car will only take you less than thirty minutes and its made of 47 pieces with the extra light piece can be attached underneath the antenna. The bumper cat is entirely colored in lime green with most black round parts as the bumper part and has only have two wheels.

You won’t notice that it has even a wheel but it does to roll over most flat surface or carpets. The Joker’s pie is the accessory rather than his usual gadget and that makes it a little special when celebrating 76 years of the character he can eat it too.

Impulse Build as its Madness

Overall the Joker Bumper car is a quick fun build and it’s the only small set that includes the Joker with his pie. The bumper car is well built and has used most of its parts and it’s rare that a set doesn’t have extra pieces left.

“The Joker Bunper Car” contains 47 pieces include The Joker and pie numbered 30303, which retails at $3.99 US acquired at Walmart.

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