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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jollibee Kids Meal 2012: Spectacular Spider-Man Collection!

06.30.2012 – This month’s Jollibee Kids Meal toys are based from the live action movie of The Amazing Spider-Man now showing in Philippine cinemas. These kids’ meal toys have been out since June 27, 2012. Jollibee has other promotions too like the exclusive tumbler and the Chicken Joy bucket meal.

They may night be as cool as Carl’s Jr. promotions in North America these toys might be exclusive only in the Philippines as there’s no other fast food competitor promoting the same product unlike when Speed Racer came out in 2008.

But this time Jollibee owns the rights to promote The Amazing Spider-Man through their Kids Meal Toy. Though for some who would recall back in the day Jollibee has better quality in releasing exclusive toy meals like Voltron four years ago. The new kid’s meal toys plastic quality is not as better as used to be.

The new Amazing Spider-Man toys from Jollibee only featured three to collect which is easy to complete. These where called “The Spectacular Spider-Man Collection” that has the “Spider Toss”, “The Spider-Man Sling Shooter” and “The Spider-Man Ultimate Projector.”

In all the three products the best among them is the projector which features a small red LED that projects a spider on a web similar to the “bat signal” concept but not as you’ll expect the way it’s being used.

The next one is the Spider Toss which depicts Spidey in his weird looking action pose with a very short right arm molded to the body. The toys are made for kids and you’d expect it would be treated as a collectible piece if it’s been sold out in the Philippines.

Then the least interesting toy among the bunch is the sling shot which includes a cut out of The Lizard as your target. You have to assemble three pieces of plastic to put together the sling shot.

Each featured toy is something for the kids to enjoy but if anyone would pick among the three the ring toss is the most sold then followed by the spider projector. If collectors interested in these they would get one which is between the projector and the ring toss that are two most appealing leaving the sling shot for the little ones to play with.

So what are you waiting for? Pick one at your nearest Jollibee restaurant when you dine by ordering a Yum Burger, Spaghetti or a Burger Steak Meals. The promo ends on until July 31, 2012 while supply lasts.

The Amazing Spider-Man currently showing in the Philippines from Sony Pictures to be distributed by Columbia Pictures. For more details and updates LIKE the official Facebook Page or visit the official website at:


  1. KFC Singapore have the same Toys form jollibee but only one like the spider toss

    check it out on there website

  2. Where can I find the Spider toss??
    Just for my cousin

  3. This was sold only in the Philippines through Jollibee's Kids Meal Toy promotions in 2012. The best option you can find these is through eBay.