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Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Meal 2013: US Exclusive Two New Minions!

07.01.2013 – The minions has taken over McDonald’s all over the world. In the Philippines it has become a trending topic regardless if it was from the movie Despicable Me 2 or the popularity of the minions.

They have become an instant celebrity since their first appearance in 2010 that catapulted them creating a huge cult following. If you’re getting ready to see them when the movie opens in cinemas expect renewed minion craziness.

The Happy Meal and other toy merchandises related to the upcoming film in Despicable Me 2 have been sold out. Some outlets are no longer restocking their Happy Meal until the next one that would put everyone in frenzy. Some countries revealed what they have in the lineup but the Happy Meal in the US kept theirs in secret until the day the movie opens on July 3rd.

Thanks to Klark Villanueva aka Klark Dreiph who shared the image he left in the comments on the earlier reports about the minions for the US release. An Unofficial Happy Meal page on Facebook also shared an image earlier today regarding the minions which has started being sold in the Midwest.

This could possible the lineup for the US release consist of EIGHT minions five of them from Australia, one from Asia (Tim Giggling), and new TWO exclusives plus that attractive box that you won’t see in other countries.

The TWO new minions is an exclusive similar to what’s available in South America (Basil, Mexico & Panama). But this could be attainable to get if you have friends who would be willing to help you get these minions in your growing collection. McDonald’s probably had figured it out that there will be a new movie spinning off that will be coming out in December 2014.

For now some parts of the US is waiting for these to be released as reports that the Midwest has confirmed these minions that would possibly the image was taken from. Singapore has not yet gotten their minions but they are also waiting in their collective breath when it will happen.

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