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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Toycon UK 2016: TEQ63 Crew Zero 1 Custom Show!

04.06.2016 – Quiccs a Filipino art toy designer produced the TEQ63 in its well-known form, and has been the template for his art toy with different iteration that includes various sizes first released in 2014 in a seating position.

This followed by the current standing position in a sweat shirt hoodie and three stripe sneakers, which was customized by other visual artists into their version of TEQ63.

In the upcoming Toycon UK this April 9th Hidden Fortress, Quiccs main studio with various Filipino artists collaborates with Martian Toys to present “The TEQ63 Crew Zero 1 Custom Show” featuring various visual artists collaborating in using the TEQ63 template as represented in their version.

As the press release by Quiccs has been teasing this custom show last month with the details below:

Kicking things off and testing the waters with our TEQ63/Zero1 vinyl platform design is a limited run of resin pulls customized by around 40 of our toy designer friends from around the globe! Shown below are some teasers from our featured toy artists.

Martian Toys will be having a booth at Toycon UK and will have the Custom Show featuring the artists’ work on exhibit making TEQ63’s first UK debut. In anticipating the international appearance check out some of the cusomt TEQ63 Quiccs has been teasing for the past few days:

“The TEQ63 Crew Zero 1 Custom Show” will be on exhibit at the Martian Toys booth at Toycon UK on April 9, 2016. For more details about the exhibit LIKE Martian Toys on Facebook!

Hidden Fortress Manila is located at the basement parking of the Ronac Art Center along Ortigas Avenue way passed Green Hills Shopping Center. For more about the company visit the site at:

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