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Monday, June 6, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Studio Feat. S7 & S7 Edge!

06.06.2016 – When technology comes to mind most would talk about their handy gadgets. These days it’s a discussion about a new smartphone, that continue to evolve becoming more than your usual device where you make a call & play games.

Samsung mobile phones are no longer your typical smartphone, which continue to innovate beyond its use. Every new model that comes out there’s a new technology added to its feature and it will give consumers something to look forward to…

Over the past weekend they where promoting the release of the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge, which is not just another new phone in the market. But something special about these two that make others thinks of either investing or switching from another brand.

Usually the reason most do is they want to upgrade as the latest mobile phones from Samsung is going beyond. With that in mind there are four things to know what makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge that is worth having for your everyday life.

Built for Weather Conditions?

Not necessarily that you need to take it in a harsh environment like in the jungle or to the roughest terrain out there. But the Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge is built for dust resistant and it can be submerged underwater for up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

It’s Brighter in the Dark?

Most mobile phones limitation when used to take photos in the dark has given its limited functionality. But with Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge its takes photos in the dark because it features world’s first photodiode sensor (2PD) in mobile for superfast autofocus (0.15s). It has the function of a DSLR like Pixel Camera with a F1.7 aperture for the reason it’s the brightest smartphone camera.

Does it have a hard drive?

New phones these days need to have a big memory as the apps you downloaded is upgraded that it eats up storage space. Don’t worry about having that problem with the Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge as it has Expandable Memory (up to 200 GB). Not only that it has upgraded CPU and enhanced graphic memory.

Navigating can this be Easy?

It features ‘New Task Edge’ that allows you to do shortcuts to your most used function. In appearance it has a Dual Edge with Enhanced Edge Panel. Clearly the Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge is something worth investing as a step up for your daily needs and if you’re a gadget geek you won’t resist having one.

Interact at the Samsung Galaxy Studio

You can find the Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge at the pop-up Samsung Galaxy Studio showroom, which has wrapped up over the weekend. But you still have the chance to see their other products that can be used with the latest smartphone.

Besides being able to get your in-person chance to interacting with the S7 & S7 Edge you can also see the uses and functions of the add-ons like the Samsung Gear VR, Gear S2 smartwatch, and Gear 360 web camera.

The Samsung Galaxy Studio’s next pop-up mall appearance will be on June 18 to 19 at the SM North Edsa Annex and their last stop for the month on June 28 to 29 at the Glorietta 5.

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