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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Happy Meal 'Toy Bazaar' Sighting!

06.05.2016 – When you missed one Happy Meal toy in that particular series the only option you might have is either through a local community of online sellers or probably a relative you might have based in the another country.

But there’s another option that has been a rare occurrence that has not been much well-documented for those who collect the toys. Earlier today there was one McDonald’s store that held a ‘Toy Bazaar’ and this is not a common thing…

The ‘Toy Bazaar’ dates back to the time when McDonald’s Philippines have too many leftover toys that needs to be cleared out.

Of course in some other countries this can be done immediately, since you can buy only toys without actually purchasing a meal. But unlike in the Philippines the concept why it was a ‘Happy Meal’ would be deemed extinct if people mostly collectors would result to buying only the toys that some will definitely abuse it.

That is where the ‘Toy Bazaar’ comes in the picture as the alternative for those who have missed out the previous Happy Meal toys would get a second chance in getting to complete a set, which has been reported before as far back in 2010.

A sighting of a mini ‘Toy Bazaar’ at the McDonald’s branch located at the food court of Landmark department store have some of the most recent toys going back to “Adventure Time”, “Kung Fu Panda 3” and last December 2015’s “Snoopy the Movie” as some of the toys being sold at PhP 35.00 pesos ($0.74 US) each, but you can save up by getting 3 toys for PhP 100.00 pesos ($2.11 US).

So far not all are complete only the leftovers from the previous Happy Meal toys are available, but there’s a possibility that you can complete the “Kung Fu Panda 3” toys as prior to the release of “Adventure Time” some of the stores have a complete set.

But its better for you to see it for yourself to dig in the pile to find out as this might not be the only McDonald’s store in the area is having a ‘Toy Bazaar’ all you need is to look around and be crafty in checking some of the stores.

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