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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

DCU Rebirth: Blue Beetle #1 | Double Beetle

08.31.2016 – The “Blue Beetle” has been a popular character after DC Comics acquired the rights from Charlton Comics, which Ted Kord became well known for the readers. But during the ‘Infinite Crisis’ saga Ted Kord was killed by Maxwell Lord revealed to be the man behind Checkmate.

Jaime Reyes took over the identity of Blue Beetle, who would eventually bonds with the ‘Blue Beetle Scarab’, an alien artifact.

DC Universe Rebirth brings back both characters that made Blue Beetle relevant and explores the relationship between Kord and Reyes who both carried the same identity.

But it was unexpected that the story would still focus on the young Jaime Reyes who still possesses the enigmatic ‘Blue Beetle Scarab’ that excites a billionaire technologist like Ted Kord.

The anticipation for Ted Kord to suit up as the Silver Age Blue Beetle was high in this issue, but it focuses more on Jaime Reyes as would say DC Comics’ version of a young wall crawler from its rival publication.

Though it still also have Ted Kord in a supporting role it did not diminish the interest that fans who followed the classic Blue Beetle would suit up and fight along side the modern iteration of the character that Steve Ditko created, the same guy who also co-created that New York swinging insect with some guy named Stan Lee.

But the rebirth issue of Blue Beetle still have teenage slice of life stories that define the human side of the character who always whine about his abilities that would rather want the scarab removed from him as if it was a gift than a curse.

Ted Kord still remains as curious the way fans have remembered him when he debuted as the one who inherited the Blue Beetle identity. It’s like he was the one that was granted with the alien artefact but he wasn’t though still owned the identity and found his way to be the one true Blue Beetle. Jaime Reyes on the other hand have struggles in life with school and family, but also have to deal with the Blue Beetle Scarab that is bonded to him.

Its interesting that both characters have opposite views regarding the Blue Beetle Scarab, but at the same time try to work together as a team. But at the end of the day the story still focuses on Jaime Reyes who carries most of the burden as the hero that posses the scarab and trying to find the balance in life.

The bad guys in this issue Rack & Ruin is still a mystery with the abilities to pull themselves together after taking a local coffee shop hostage. But these metahumans are just a distraction laid out the premise by Keith Giffen for what the future of Blue Beetle is about to begin in its first issue next month.

Overall the rebirth issue gives a glimpse how both characters that used the name “Blue Beetle” would team-up and take the bad guys, but entirely it’s all Jaime Reyes stories that added Ted Kord as a supporting character. Scott Kolins provide the art and interior work on this issue but still not seeing Ted Kord in his costume, but a support for Jaime Reyes fight against crimes like Alfred to Bruce Wayne.

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