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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Conversations With | Billy Tan [Exclusive]

During the Asia Pop Comic Con in Manila, I got to meet and interview Billy Tan. A Malaysian-American, he is one of the few Asian artists that made it big in the comic book industry.

His notable work on the flagship title for Green Lantern starting with issue #21 with writer Robert Venditti who took over Geoff Johns as the writer would garner further attention in his career.

He is known for his earlier works in Top Cow Productions which includes Tomb Raider, Tales of the Witchblade, and Spirit of the Tao.

He then worked for Marvel projects such as Uncanny X-Men, New Avengers, Uncanny X-Force, especially X-23, etc. For DC, he is did Green Lantern. He founded Tan Comics, a China-based comic book company on the Asian superhero genre.

Here are some of the questions raised during the conversation:

Mark Templar: About DC Comic’s Rebirth, what were China’s thoughts about the Chinese Superman?

Billy Tan: They are interested but  not too serious about it.

MT: What project are you working on now?

BT: I am working on a combined sci-fi and kung fu genre for Tan Comics.

MT: When Whilce Portacio worked on Uncanny X-men for Marvel, he drawn a mark about his country like drawing Colossus wearing a jacket with a Filipino flag, where you able to do something like this in your work?

BT: No, but you just gave me an idea. I could have done it with Marvel but not with Green Lantern because most of the characters are aliens.

Billy Tan loves to travel. If it is not raining, he would have gone around. He is also a vegetarian. Check out more of my features and full interview HERE.

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