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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Netflix Release Marvel's Luke Cage Trailer

08.10.2016 – Netflix just released the latest trailer for Marvel’s Luke Cage, which is the third series to be introduced after Jessica Jones. In the latest trailer Luke Cage’s origin is explored how he got his powers.

The story of course is prominently set in Harlem in New York, where the character operates. Mike Colter portrays him in the upcoming series that also appeared in Jessica Jones series last year. But this time it’s all Luke Cage ready for action.

Luke Cage first appeared in “Luke Cage: Heroes for Hire” in 1972 created by Archie Goodwin, John Romita Sr. and George Tuska. Cage known as Carl Lucas got his abilities after an experiment that gave him superhuman strength, unbreakable skin, and accelerated healing factor.

Previously during Comic-Con, Marvel and Netflix released the sizzle reel to give everyone the preview of what to expect from Luke Cage. Now they present you the official trailer for the series below:

This is going to be an action packed series and watch all the episodes when it gets released on September 30th on Netflix.

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