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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bradley Cooper as Barry Allen in The Flash Movie?

10.12.2010 - Anyone have heard about Bradley Cooper, who played the role of Templeton "Face" Peck in the revival of the A-TEAM. Previously he lost the role of Hal Jordan to Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming Green Lantern movie that will be shown in 2011.

Cooper is currently contemplating that he might land the role of Police Lab Rat Barry Allen known as the Fastest Man Alive or in short The Flash!

Now that Warner Bros. and DC Comics has plans to put two movies a year as previously reported in the much concluded NYCC 2010.
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So far this is just rumors waiting to happen or might not happen at all. But sources say that Bradley Cooper is at the top of the studio's Flash shortlist. I guess we have to find out soon as the this news develops.

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  1. Is this a good thing? I don't much about Cooper, but I AM glad that we're seeing progress on the Flash project.