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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Green Lantern's Power Battery Revealed!

10.19.2010 - Everyone was talking about the Green Lantern power battery that actor Ryan Reynolds came with during the Scream 2010 Awards. As SandwichJohnFilms would say "it ain't know ordinary Coleman that would light up a camping trip."

There was a lot of talk regarding that particular Oan Power Lantern.

A history about the Oan Energy Conduit: The rings use Oan energy. The power batteries are a constantly charged by the Central Power Battery to manually fuel thousands of Green Lantern rings. Though with limitations that the Power Rings can only be used for 24 hours. It needs to recharged at the Power Battery on a daily basis.
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Before there was a limit which was removed. Noe the Lantern is only obligated to recharge their ring when the power levels are depleted or empty. The ring measures its amount of energy, and relayed via a percentage scale of 0% - 100% percent.

Everyone who followed and read Green Lantern knows how Hal Jordan came to be the bearear of the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. When Abin Sur passed away his Power Battery and Ring were passed onto the Earth man. As Hal becomes accustomed to becoming a Green Lantern, the Power Battery was kept in his locker.

Warner Bros. has caught everyone's pants down when these images where all over the internet today. One of the unforgettable highlights at the Spike TV's Scream 2010 Awards, which was taped over the weekend and will air in the US on 10/19.

Ryan Reynolds went to accept the Most Anticipated Movie award arriving on a giant Lantern, and now that's what we hope to see in theaters on June 17th 2011.

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