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Thursday, October 28, 2010

McDonald's Happy Meal goes Megamind!

10.28.2010 - McDonald's Happy Meal has been quite unique here in South East Asia. Its not the same as what our friends from the United States are getting.

After the Air Toys that we recently reviewed in our YouTube Channel here comes the Megamind toys that ties to the upcoming animated film.
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The Philippines was ahead with the toys as the ones in the US won't be out until Halloween was over. We recently acquired one of the eight characters, that was released for the South East Asia which includes this country.

We took the liberty to check out the US release in the official site if its out already. In our initial reaction we where surprised it was indeed the next toy that will be out sometime next week. Its noticeable that the US version has slight differences with the SEA versions. One big difference is that the Megamind character, which is the villain to Metroman. The hero in the film is not included that came out here in the Philippines.

Though we would be happy that they don't have the character Tina Fey voiced (Roxanne Ritchie) in the film, but its quite awkward not to have Megamind in the line up.

One other character that was not in the SEA line up is Tighten, which was replaced by the Fan Bot. If you think of it entirely there's 10 characters, that they have released all in all. The only difference is that they reduced it to eight making two characters from both sides of the continent as an exclusive.

Kinda ironic how McDonald's marketing strategy works when it comes to releasing Happy Meal toys globally.

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  1. Sayang nga eh they did not include the character of megamind which is supposed to be include.